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We’ve learned a lot in our years in the stone business! We distilled it all down and put it in “Preparing Your Home for Granite Countertops”. Make sure you review this before your template date so you can discuss any issues with the Template Tech. Please call our office to make an appointment for your slab selection. Slab selection is best done after your template is made.

  1. Choosing your Slabs- If you've chosen Sensa granite, Silestone or Cesarstone Quartz, or one of the 18 granite colors we stock in house we recommend starting at StoneMark first. You will come to our location on Logan Street in Louisville to view your slabs. We encourage you to come see what a large slab looks like and approve your final color selection. View a map of our location. If you want something more exotic, we can make selections from our suppliers warehouse across the country from the internet. We can pull up high resolution digital photos of actual slabs on our large computer screen. You may also go to one of our suppliers on our products page such as Global Granite or Cosentino to pick your slabs. Please tell them we sent you! The slabs you put on hold there will be put on our account and we'll contact you about the price.
  2. Templating- After you place your order we’ll need to make a template or pattern for your new countertops. We use the newest template technology available- the LT-55 Laser Templator. This means you can leave your old tops on while we template and make the new ones! There are a few things you need to know about templating over your current tops. Please review the details in Templating Over Existing Countertops (PDF).
  3. Tearout- If you have new cabinets you get to skip this step! If your old tops are still on we can take them off for you and dispose of them. There is an extra charge for this service so please discuss it with your project coordinator to make sure we allot the appropriate time.
  4. Install- The big day is finally here! If you’ve reviewed Preparing Your Home for Granite Countertops (PDF) things should go smoothly.
  5. Plumbing/Electrical/Carpentry/Tile - Our staff knows stone but we don’t know a thing about any of these services! Ideally you should wait 24 hours before your plumber hooks up your sink, but the electrician or plumber can connect your cooktop immediately. Any additional tile or carpentry work can be scheduled at your convenience.